Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Zanmai day

26th May 2010

Hoaree, today MGT338 class cancelled and I skipped the Grooming workshop talk. Seriously, I getting sick and sick for any talk. No more talk for me, is getting boring. I only will choose to attend important talk.

Hence, after Account class, went to pyramid with KL, LP, SY and LY for lunch at Zanmai and as normal, I don't want to go home that early. So finally, I follow SY to pyramid and LP fetch me back to INTI. Hehe, thanks for the free ride. Kinda lazy to drive. Anyways, Zanmai foods looks cool and nice for today.
Before I end here, just want to share. Finally, my Hp Mini upgraded to 2GB Ram and I going to bankrupt soon as consumption is increasing for luxury goods.

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