Thursday, 27 May 2010

Plan A for Dr.Tan

Group Photo

Class at 10 and later 4 hour break, caused me to pay Rm4 for the parking sigh. Anyways, at least we have Plan A for our 4hr break. Start from 12pm, me, LP, Max, Sam, Nat, Venesa and PJ went for lunch at Pizza Hut. Finally, today got something different for fast food rather than Mcd. Then, later at 2pm, I met Dr.tan at level 7 for yum cha. Know what, at first, he told me that he ate already because his 12pm class was cancelled. Anyways, I try to persuade him to go drinking for a while and yeah, I did it. So, we went to Street Cafe and to make it like really yum cha, I told him Eddie,Fadl and Jun Kheng will joining us as well. Later, our cake finally is here and this is where others suddenly pops out with the cake and a birthday song for him. I guess he was shocked haha. We do have funs for today breaks by chit-chatting the whole time and then back to econs class where this class is a boring and relaxing class. So,the class ended at 5.30pm, haha not bad. Everyone can go back early and thats for today. The End.......Simple story.


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