Sunday, 3 April 2011

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Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Lately, I'm very confuse about myself. Past 2 days, I did something that I shouldn't. The feeling is back where I did overcome it. I'm very scare again and more likely to evade it. Maybe this is the end. I'm sorry that I can't make it !!!!!!!

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Current Status

This year is my last year of study. I used to have the mindset that graduate as early as possible to lower my parents burden but as time pass. I realized that I have such a good college mates friends that I want be with them forever. As during college time, we can hang out for chatting or movie. During holiday, we can go for break and hunt for work. It makes me feel happy with them or maybe I should said that I hate to be alone. With them, there are people accompany me for movie.

However, now is February and Dec 2011 soon arrive which I going to graduate on that month. It means that we no longer study together or have fun together anymore. The journey is said to end here because all us will be separated and walk on their own roads. Some will still search for higher education level at different university, some will have a long holiday, some will start their full time job and even some will get marry. It is hard to gather everyone once again as last time to hang out because everyone will be crazy. WHY LIFE ALWAYS HAVE BE IN THIS WAY !!!! I wish time could just hang in there and stop moving. During high school or foundation, I will never cry on graduation because I know everyone will still be around and go for degree but degree may be the final destination for most of the people.

It may be a hard time, but I have to learn that this the part of growing progress in life. Perhaps, I shouldn't think too far and focused on recent assignment and faced my daily life happily. But sometimes, I just can't make myself happy. I always have the dreams to be a billionaire and get my 1st class degree and I work hard for it but there are certain things that always depends on fate. I wish I could find a person that accompany for most of the time or maybe forever but these person has not appear yet. Even it does, the history is always repeated and I have suffered myself.

So, I guess I should fulfill myself with a lot of cash so that I can travel more places and leave sad things behind. No matter how tough is the life ahead, I will still carry on. Life always needs an aim for directions. We should not get ourselves lost as it will cause a lot of troubles and stress. Always tell yourself, you deserve a better life.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Desire and Feeling

Its been a time that I didn't update my blog. Many things has happened lately which is hard to describe all here. Currently, this year is my last year of study after that we all separated into own pathway. I promised to myself, all finance subject has to be an "A"

After all, college just reopen. I have the feeling that I kinda lost. As in my mind, I keep thinking about the past and future as well as the reason why existed. During Dec holiday, I been worked in 3 area and thats what makes me busy but I met a lot friends. There is a person that I met which I wanted to know her more but I wonder when I can see her again.

Just in these days, I helped my friend to attend council meeting and yet she appeared but I didn't approach her. Today saw her again, kinda has a weird feeling. I wanted to overcome this feeling. I hope that day will come and not in my dream.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Yeah, What should I do with it. For others, they do enjoy holiday but as time pass. I HATES IT A LOT. JUST Waste of time. Anyways, should not think that far. Final 1st yet I haven't study. Thats good. Recently, a lots business plan came into my mind and all this idea is guarantee provides high return. Too bad, I'm lack of funds. Still thinking on some way how to earn more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 15 October 2010

Study week

Study week just started or should I say it is a holiday for everyone. I can say that I HATES Holiday unlike last time where I do love it. As nowadays, when holiday is here, I have nothing to do which is totally lifeless. First, I don't play online games or PS anymore just once in a while visit Fb. Even watching TVB series also getting lesser, kinda like no mood at all. I really hates staying home, I wan go out but doesn't wish to be alone. IS SO SIENZ, HOLiday have to survive alone. T_T

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Last 2 days, a heavy accident happened. Many victims, very feel so sad for those family victim. Losing a life makes our closest sad and cry. The heart will be so painful. I should treasure my life more and make use of every moment while I can.

Today, went to MV alone to check out I Phone 4, too bad out of stock. The stock only available next months. It seems like, what ever I trying to get, I just can't get it on time even I pod Touch is also out of stock. I always have to wait wait wait wait wait !!!!!!!!!! Why always me?

If only if I made my decision earlier. But it always too late.

Holiday is coming or should I say it is a study week. Will everyone study or do assignment? Well, I don't think so. This semester seems so relaxing, makes me so bored all the time. Daily life is like wake up go college, back home, sleep, dinner then sleep until next day. IT IS SO LIFELESS !!!!!!!