Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Desire and Feeling

Its been a time that I didn't update my blog. Many things has happened lately which is hard to describe all here. Currently, this year is my last year of study after that we all separated into own pathway. I promised to myself, all finance subject has to be an "A"

After all, college just reopen. I have the feeling that I kinda lost. As in my mind, I keep thinking about the past and future as well as the reason why existed. During Dec holiday, I been worked in 3 area and thats what makes me busy but I met a lot friends. There is a person that I met which I wanted to know her more but I wonder when I can see her again.

Just in these days, I helped my friend to attend council meeting and yet she appeared but I didn't approach her. Today saw her again, kinda has a weird feeling. I wanted to overcome this feeling. I hope that day will come and not in my dream.

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