Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Last 2 days, a heavy accident happened. Many victims, very feel so sad for those family victim. Losing a life makes our closest sad and cry. The heart will be so painful. I should treasure my life more and make use of every moment while I can.

Today, went to MV alone to check out I Phone 4, too bad out of stock. The stock only available next months. It seems like, what ever I trying to get, I just can't get it on time even I pod Touch is also out of stock. I always have to wait wait wait wait wait !!!!!!!!!! Why always me?

If only if I made my decision earlier. But it always too late.

Holiday is coming or should I say it is a study week. Will everyone study or do assignment? Well, I don't think so. This semester seems so relaxing, makes me so bored all the time. Daily life is like wake up go college, back home, sleep, dinner then sleep until next day. IT IS SO LIFELESS !!!!!!!

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