Monday, 4 October 2010


Since, the day human are born. It means that the journey of life has begun which full with challenges. Human always tends to be lonely when being at home alone or going some place alone. It has to learn how to survive without others because some day we will be alone. No matter how hard is the road whether it is sad, painful or happy, human still have to go through it. By experiencing different cycles of life. it builds a person character and being more mature. Life is always full with a lof of different chapter of life such as during primary, secondary and even university. When a chapter ends, it means that is time to carried forward for a new chapter. Old chapter it just a memories or even just a dreams. It not real, we have to learn to let go old chapter and let the new chapter begins. Some how, one day, times will brings achievement towards what we have learnt in every chapter and that is time. We have been successfully understand the meaning of life and able to complete our achievement. Look forward is always the best even it is hard because we are alone, we do think back about the past. Trying to busy around or mixing out with people might be the solution to forget about past.

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