Saturday, 9 October 2010


I have just sold my sony phone, leaving out the sim card without a phone. Thinking whether should I subscribe for Digi or Maxis. It is hard to decide.

Anyways. past 2 days, went to Izzat open house and yesterday for Kit and Sin birthday at BB Seafood Village and then Piccadilly. During next destination, quite disappointing because many people got lost. I already asked whether anyone want follow car. Too bad, no one answer me and everyone start moving. Hence, it divided into 2, one group went back to subang where I didn't know at all and me towards Federal. I was waiting there and many comments out and asked to move first. Many expectation beings out and finally many got lost. Lucky still can be founded back even one car went until NewTown. I tried to help all the time but in the end feels so disappointed. Anyways, it is already a past. Another new days is coming for me. Not to think on past but for current and future.

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