Monday, 24 May 2010


Today 4 hr break, went Jojo Noodle to eat and then go watch Nightmare. Many people was frightened by the movie while i feel like boring and is something like the movie "They Wait" or maybe i watched too much horror movie and hence, i can't feel it. However, the best part of watching is to see how others get freaked out haha. The ways u gals and guys reacted is so funny.

Next, hmm.....

Nightmare, everyone do have a nightmare and this goes to me as well. Sometimes, the nightmare is just real for me. As I promised to myself, when ever, I dreamed. I need to know that i'm dreaming and me is the one that control the dream and do what ever i want. However, when came to nightmare, i just want to wake up because is pain and sad...I hate to be sad but thats happen to me for most of the time.

After the movie, we back to class and know what. Today we have a lucky draw, everyone kinda feel scare for the draws as some people hoping not be with this person but to be with anothers. Finally, i got chosen for group 3 which included Fadl, kai loon, poh jin, kai ling and me...and I pity for those who got some group that they unwilling to join. Anyway, thats life and is time to move on.


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