Saturday, 22 May 2010

21st May 2010

Class started at 8am to 12pm. The most boring lecture will be business economics and the class is totally full and crowded with not enough seats. Besides that, no one understand what she teaching and she like talked to herself or maybe to her notebook. Everyone became disappointed and wanted to change lecture.

Next, class over. Times for lunch at Mcd with Huan yik, Jayla, Chris, Vinz and Derick. Jayla bought a Choc. Bliss cakes for Chris and ya, we celebrated for him. After that, Vinz and Derick went back home and also Jayla. Reason, Vinz no money d and Derick not feeling well while Jayla...hmm not sure.

Then, that Huan yik went back home and wait for Chris to fetch him to pyramid while I headed to Pyramid straight. Nowadays, i started to park illegally in pyramid,thnks to my frens hehe. While I parked my car and sitting inside to hide my netbook, saw a mysterious person walking towards my direction. Guess who is it, is SZE YIN. Lol, shopping alone and what a coincidence. When i reached, she going back and then, I waited both of them for about half an hour which makes to get bored and hungry. Alrights, finally they're here and we went to Dragon-I. Lol, suddenly all so rich d, especially Huan Yik who paid the whole about RM67. It was a return of what we treated him last time haha and then everyone went back home.

At night, went out with few starbucks clan to watch shrek at GSC MV, 10.45pm but we entered at 11pm haha missed the front part. For many years, when the clock strike 12am, I always at home and today I stuck inside the cinema.

Very thnks to Sze Yin, Jun Kheng and Poh jin who wished me through sms during that time and also Sam. Next, thnks to huan yik, lay peng, pek yee, ian and others who wished through facebook. Thnks to adlan, christine and dila who asked me for the movie as well. Thnks for all the wishing at 12am ya.


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