Friday, 21 May 2010

Sing k at Neway + Surprises


Today, I have class from 10-12 and 4-6. There are 4 hour in between and hence, i asked my uni mates for a sing k section. The sing k section start at 1pm as every1 was busy to get their international student card. Meanwhile, I went to fetch Huan Yik and back to Inti again. Finally, the place was decided at Neway Subang Jaya. There are 12 person of us and is divided into three cars.

Sam, Poh Jin, Lay Peng, Bee Yee and Eevon - 1 car
Me, Huan Yik,Venasa, Natalie and Vinz - 1 car
Yie Theng and Max - 1 car

Hence, my car reach there 1st and too bad the parking area is limited where I almost park into the Valet parking which cost Rm6 only.However, we managed to get the parking outside but then no more parking place d. Hence, we was sitting inside the car and waiting for the arrival of the others and finally max and yie theng reached. So, we went inside Neway and wait for Sam and the others.

Sing k started at 1pm and Sam they all reached around 1.30pm and I was wondering why they so late. I thought they went to Puchong Neway so i called them to ensure and lucky they were here. Then, we sing and sing lo while ordering and the tea set only start at 2pm. Every1 getting hungry and hungry and finally, the foods arrived. Every1 is fighting for the Nuggets, Fren-Fries as we are too hungry hehe.

Ok, here came the surprise. When the time reached 3.35pm and the room were dark. The door suddenly opened, Sam, Poh Jin, Lay Peng, Bee Yee and Eevon walked in with my b'day cake. During that moment, I was totally frightened and surprised by them. I feel very touched and my tears almost came out. This was my 1st time that my friends made a celebration for me and it happened in my age of 20. During that time, I totally stunned and don't know what to say.

Very thnks to Sam, Poh Jin, Lay Peng, Bee Yee, Eevon, Max, Yie Theng, Natalie, Venasa, Huan Yik and Vinz who get involved. I really appreciated it. This is the best day every I had in my life for the past 20 years ago. Eventhough, it was an advance celebration for me.

Sometimes, I kinda think myself stupid as din really aware of this surprises due t0
- no1 did any celebration for me b4
- Sam car missing for quite while and i thought they went to wrong side
- Sam, Lay peng, Bee Yee suddenly went out together and i think they went to lavatory
- my b'day was on sat and not thursday
Hint : Huan Yik told me on the next day

However, u guys and gals made my day. It was nice and perfect. Now, every moment i think back, I almost cried because really never thought got frens will celebrate for me. Eventhough,u guys and gals were busy for this Sat but is alright.

Very thnks a lot ya <3

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