Friday, 11 June 2010

Money money !!!

Today learnt analysis on variance and it was quite simple and later got Econs. As normal, she not teaching anything and i felt that we didn't learn anything until now...WEEK 6...Econs lecture is so lousy.

After 12, went to KL to search for my vest and belt. I search and search around sungai wang and times square but won't buy anything from here because I hate here. Before that, this shopping should be 3 person. However, derick FFK and hence, left me and Huan Yik.. Then, we went to Pavillion and finally I found my stuff here...OUCH !!!!! I bought it..pain, then I saw a G2k shirt that really match my vest but then, hold on......I can't let myself spend anymore. MUST TAHAN.
After that, start moving to MV to drop huanyik and the time is 5.40pm...yeah, i reach MV at 4.55pm eventhough is so jam. Then, I plan to go OUG PLAZA but then, the road to OUG at MV is blocked. Hence, it caused me to use Jalan Gasing and jam there for 1 hour. Sorry to Lay Peng cause I late haha..freaking jam !!!! However, at least I got the chance to eat free Kiwi. The gold Kiwi is sweet but stilll, I like Green hehe. Then go back at 9.20pm and Old klang Road is so jam....reached home at 10pm. Today, everywhere is so jam. Maybe because FIFA World Cup has begin !!!
Vest from POA

Belts from Tangs

Kiwi On Sale, I wan 3 box !!!

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