Thursday, 3 June 2010

A Journey to KL

Today is the day that I have no car sigh...9am, I sent my car for 2nd service with a mileage of 8004km at Seksyen 13 PJ. Over limit haha.Lucky, my dad free to sent me to college. If not, most probably, I need to pay for cab.

In college, our finance lecture took 1 hour to comment on our draft. Well, my group dia good job. Not bad but, hey guys we need SCORE haha. Then, break 30min and the lecture only 30min. WHat a great day.

4 hour break, TODAY LOCATION IS K.L. Sungai Wang = RIVER OF MONEY

Since I no car, so I wont be driving for today. A day for rest. Thanks Lp for the ride haha.

Time for lunch at 2pm, went to eat at a place called TOILET BOWL. My 1st impression towards this place is very weird. I felt that I just woke up and going for the bathroom. As the cafe, the chair, table and all the materials including plate and cup are made from those stuff in the bathroom. Even the food also got something wrong such as the dessert that look like SHIT !!!!! ANyway, it is a good try for this cafe.

The time is 3pm, the girls went to shop around while the guys wandering around. Then, we start moving back at 3.50pm and me, Lp, Sam, Vinz reached college at 4.20pm by using the fastest way that require you to pay.

When we walked into the class, our lazy Econs lecture still having start her lecture yet. SHe nicely sitting down there, writing the assignment question on her book then rewrite it on the board. Then, I copied but too bad. I left my paper in the college because I in hurry to collect my car. Guess the story end here for today. (^.^)

Toilet Cafe


Baked Chicken Cheese Rice

Honey Lemon Ice

Honey Sponge Mellow

Yer, who order de !!!!!

Order pls

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