Tuesday, 1 June 2010

1st of June 2010

Well, lately don't have much to post. Before that, yesterday went to watch Prince of Persia and ate at some Taiwan restaurant..........the movie is quite nice but too much of action until I felt bored and started to feel uncomfortable sitting there. However, I do like the dagger which can turn back the time. There are too many things, I have regretted in my life and I wish to go back the past to do what ever I regret for not doing so. Time just won't stop and it keep moving and moving. Even though, I hope that I can turn back the time. It only will happen when I'm dreaming. I have to look forward and face what ever challenging ahead. THINK BEFORE DOING SOMETHING.

I always need to remind myself do not let this happen anymore, no more regret anymore !!! Make use of every opportunity ahead. Do what ever I want but still there is something, I wished to do but I don't have the confidence to do so. I really getting tired and tired, wish that I can get out of any problem appears in my head from days to days.

Ok, lets get back to what happened on 1st June 2010. Hmm, I spent my 4hr break eating at Asia Cafe and went to the EMPIRE SUBANG GALLERY. Sounds cool.....This was my 2nd visit, yet this time, I ended playing Lego with everyone in Toy shop. Maybe we're still small or too free. Sometimes being a kid is good, no worries at all unlike now. Nowadays, I demanding a lot such as my result, money, new stuff, friendship and many many more. Unfortunately, I getting unmotivated from days to days. I really need the power of motivation now where it happened before when I was in Form 5. Really need the burning flame !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonder, how we play using a big ball. In facts, it was small in the beginning

The unbeatable tower built by some1

Act cute ya

Play lego so serious, study not serious =.=

Still small meh

The games is not for children but adults like us !!!!

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