Friday, 18 June 2010


看太多浦松龄和谈情说案 is not good. In the beginning is fun and nice to watch but at the end, problems start to appear. Relationship problem always have to appear. Hence, the consequences is that I also feel emo. Loving someone is all about tolerance and willingness and many many factor. However, the most important is willingness. Sacrification is needed to be success. No pain, no gain. Even though, there are 1000 problems out there and many factors preventing a couple together. As long as both parties willing to fight for it, nothing is impossible. At the end, sure is a happy ending. Kinda feel disappointed that Kingsley gave up so easily, even though i knew that at the end they sure will be together. But, I hate to see him gave up so easily and hurt the other part. It is suffering for both parties but the girl will be suffer more. On the other hand, the 浦松龄, both person likes the same girl but then, the girl only like one of them and that person knew that his best friend like her. He sacrifice for his best friend. This what we called 友情. The willingness so suffer alone for best friend. But, what about the girl that only like her. How she feel? There is always pro and cons in relationship but it depends on how the person handle. So far until, for myself, suffering alone is better than 2. No matter how hard the ways is. I have to be strong and fight for future. Sometimes, I really hope to express out all my thought and feeling but I don't dare to do it. Suffer suffer !!! Really hope that, I can get rid of this someday. Few years back. love is a source of motivation but later if got problems, the person will get unmotivated like what happen to Kingsley.


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