Friday, 24 September 2010


My daily routine life will be pressing money for Millionaire City, nothing else more than this. Everyday wake up, go college, back home, play fb and sleep. It keep repeat and repeat. This semester is worst as compare to last time. When things has happened, is hard to change it become normal and even worst than normal even it try to be normal. Nowadays, my intrapersonal communication is increasing which is bad. Everyday thinking on negative things and also the past. Hence, I been trying hard to get myself busy to prevent this. In college, i losing my attention in class while at home, getting tired easily. I used to listen song for most of the time but is time to stop because it will get worst. Losing up my energy soon, getting tired and tired. But still, i will shows myself is OK and i can goes on until my last breath ! ! !

Anyways, money is my hope. I will earn more and earn more. When money is growing, i will feel happy. However, sometimes I do think why I need so much money? What I can I do with it? It wont give me happiness except for my parents because they will be glad if i save. I live with no choice. I need to achieve the best to prove to everyone !!! As I always said " Nothing is impossible" and "I'm possible" for everything, As long as i work hard for it.

WHAT AM I DOING? I been weirdly in these days....... Why?

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