Thursday, 23 September 2010


On 14 to 16 Sept, 2010, I have went to Tioman Island with my classmates. It was fun but just a little bit disappointed on the environment because I expect my living place will be nice. During first night, Barry was drunk and many funny things has happened. For example, we asked him "What is your name?" He answered Sam Shir Wei. This was funny !!!! Anyway, every night sure have one fella have to down and the second night it was me. This was the first time that I can't even stand properly because drinking all the way makes me fell faster while slowly will be fine. Really thanks so much for who ever take care of me during that night especially Sam, Poh Jin, Zhi Wei, Ken and so on. The next day, we going back and it takes a long time because of the ferry delay, went to Melaka for Satay Celup, Kapitol and we reached Inti at 12.30am. At Inti, the bus can't make the turning in front of Papa Rich as the car blocked us. Hence, we came out with a solution that every of us carry the car and finally we make it. Congratz.

Next, college just started and results is released !!!!!! I felt so down when college is started. At first, I didn't expect that my lecture not giving me an "A" for my stats because i put so many effort into it. Most probably, he simply mark as most of the answer are the same.

Besides that, I used to have a good friend that hang out with me during holiday, do assignment or study. It was very hard for me to find someone who really willing to discuss on assignment, studies or even gossip. Because of this good friend, I have improved a lot. My work being completed fast, able to study well and even can kill off my free time for doing nothing. The most important thing that is this good friend do care about me. As for 20 years, there is no one will ask me how I doing when my condition is bad. Not even my parents because they want me to be independent. However, recently, something has happened. We not being that close anymore like last time. Nowadays, I just felt kinda weird in class but I have to accept it. Maybe somewhere, I may found a new study mates again. Now, every moment I felt like boring and thinking too much whenever i woke up from sleep or alone. I guess I has lost the motivation but still I have to achieve "A1" for FIN321 and also an "A" for mGT349 even it is tough because I lived with no choice. My parents will be happy if I can do it. Hence, I trying very hard to focus on my studies in the class and always try to remove any distraction, no matter how hard is it. It have to be !!!!!!!!!!!!! One day, I will prove to my parents, uncle and some certain friends that I will be successful in the future. As time pass by, it will tell as well as heal !!!!!!!!! I also hope that my this good friend will live happily for now and in the future.

This post doesn't mean anything for anyone but I just wanted to release it out on how I felt. It can't be fully expressed my thoughts because is written. Life is always hard but I have to work smart for it.


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